Making the business charming to each stakeholder to ensure sustainability

24x7 She Taxi incorporates progressive and state-of-the-art technological solution that caters to the so-called ‘endangered’ women segment of the society. Besides eliminating the element of fear amongst the women populace, She Taxi has also undoubtedly thrived in implanting a revolutionary cause in the society. This advanced transformation incorporates unique and innovative business model. Several unconventional revenue models, such as advertisement, sponsorship, bidding, merchandising etc will be used to generate revenues other than fares, will ensure business will be attractive and sustainable for entrepreneurs as well as The She Forces.

SheTaxi will have additional revenue sources other than the conventional taxi fares. She Taxi is made sustainable and lucrative through these revenue sources. She Taxi will charge only standard taxi rates.

Other revenue sources also includes advertisements on exteriors of the taxi, Video advertisements inside the cab to grab the captive audience, online surveys, gprs based utilities and games and charging through mobile service providers such as offers, classifieds, places, etc.

Entrepreneurship Driven Model

The advent of one of the most sought-after 24x7 Women Only Travelling Cab System ‘24x7 She Taxi’ in Kerala will account to significant societal transformations with respect to the safety and security of women populace. The ‘24x7 She Taxi Service’ traveler cab apart from enhancing the safety and security aspects concerning women will also introduce an innovative and first-of-its kind initiative in the Country’s Employment Business Model strategized and developed for empowerment of women in the State.


Technology enabled

This 24x7 She Taxi initiative is an unconventional and groundbreaking initiative designed to bring about radical transformations by empowering the women strata in the society. This distinctive entrepreneurship driven model also aims to bring about social as well as economic empowerment of women, at large. 24x7 She Taxi is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art solution designed and developed to promote safety of women using enhanced safety and security technology based solutions.